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Happy First Birthday to the Super Shot Announcement

Sorry not sorry – I won’t be coming to your party!

It’s been a whole year since Suncorp Super Netball introduced the Super Shot to the game we all love. 

Since then, there’s been a lot of talk about the excitement it brings via its “risk vs reward” factor.

So, with a whole year to digest this information, let’s unpack this a little – starting with the risks. 

There’s the risk of disadvantaging our team at an international level.

We arguably saw this play out in this year’s Constellation Cup Series loss.

The Super Shot forces defenders to adjust their entire defensive strategy.

Our defenders play and train based on this rule change for the entire SSN season. They can’t be criticised for struggling to adjust back at an international level.

On the other hand, the ANZ Premiership league in New Zealand has continued playing traditional netball and the Silver Ferns are going from strength to strength.

Side note: I could never see Aunty Noels accepting this kind of nonsense from her domestic league. 

Let’s talk about the risk of disheartening players.

An Australian Netball Players’ Association survey from 2020 showed 60 per cent of players were not in favour of retaining the Super Shot.

Only 20 per cent liked it and the rest were indifferent.

SSN chose to continue with the rule change into 2021 regardless. The players are employed to play netball.

Where’s the league’s duty of care as an employer?

The implementation of the Super Shot is a huge change to the players’ role responsibilities without consultation which is at the very least unethical. Our athletes deserve better. 

What about the risk of alienating existing fans? Marina Go (Chair of Netball Australia’s board) referred to us as a small yet vocal group.

She insinuated that we wouldn’t understand the marketing behind the implementation of the Super Shot.

Marina, I know you like to promote the game to children, but some of us are big kids with big brains.

If the reasoning is so convoluted, come down from your pedestal and simplify it for us.

Also, if it’s working, if it’s having such a huge impact on fan engagement that outweighs all the negatives, show us how! Be transparent! Show us the receipts!

With the risk of sounding too negative about it all, let’s talk about the reward.

Yeah, the disproportionate reward to shooters.

I’m not a shooter and I’m not going to pretend I know the pressure that comes with scoring goals.

But with the uneven value placed on the role of shooters during this five-minute window, what message does this send to young players who aren’t handed the GA or GS bib?

Why isn’t the recognition of a flying GK intercept or a perfectly executed WA dodge increased two-fold within the last five minutes of every quarter?

Don’t get me started on the WD erasure.

Also, we know any respectable shooter wouldn’t want extra glory for just doing their job – yes, Rahni Samason has entered the chat.  

Finally, last year former Suncorp Super Netball CEO Chris Symington said the Super Shot would assist in “generating more fan engagement and commercial opportunities that would also boost player salaries”.

I would LOVE Netball Australia to keep that same energy when it comes to marketing our sport properly (getting players’ names right, using correct photos)!

We know players miss out on sponsorships and fans when this is slept on, which, unfortunately, we know is currently the case.

Let’s get this right first at a minimum, besties, before experimenting any further on our game. 

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  1. I’ll admit it, I don’t totally hate the Super Shot; there is something pretty exciting for me about watching shooters sink those beautiful long bombs, and I think the Super Shot does inspire them to do that more often, if only for that extra point reard. That being said, Super Shot or not Super Shot, netball is a fast-paced, exciting game in it’s own right, and it didn’t need something, that is admittedly a gimmick, to make it so. And I think the league has been incredibly remiss in not respecting how the players, coaches, and fans all feel about the SS; if they have evidence that it has increased viewership/brought new fans to the game (as they keep banging on about) then I personally would love to see it.

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