Men’s and Mixed Netball

AMMNA calls for formal recognition

As debate rages on netball’s Olympic inclusion for the Brisbane 2032 Games, the Australian Men’s and Mixed Netball Association says it is time to recognise men to allow the sport to grow.

While Men’s and Mixed bodies operate outside of Netball Australia as separate organisations, AMMNA president Dr Andrew Simons is hoping the release of the State of the Game review last year will see growth in the Men’s and Mixed space.

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Netball is the fastest-growing Men’s sport in Australia, according to The Review, which was chaired by former Diamonds player and one of the world’s most respected netballers Liz Ellis.

The document specifically cites men’s netball as a growth area to build on the players already engaged.

“A major opportunity exists to expand netball’s grassroots reach by providing a value proposition for already existing netball competitions that currently do not come under the authority of Netball Australia or the Member Organisations. Sitting outside the network are indoor netball, men’s and mixed netball and some schools/university competition.”

State of the Game Review

READ THE REVIEW: Full report available to read and download

Dr Simons said it was time for Men’s and Mixed to be given a stake in the game.

“We’re all very keen for netball to be recognised on the world stage. For us, we were buoyed by the State of the Game review that was conducted last year, it really does speak to empowering women, but we had several significant mentions,” he said.

“We have been knocking on the door for more than a decade and we are making inroads down this path. The 2021 World Netball Strategic Plan does specifically cite men’s netball as a growth channel. We are working with our counterparts around the world to build this.

“It is critical to be recognised. Men’s netball is at high risk of losing players who are keen to play netball back to other sports. The more visual space we can take up, the more we can be seen, the more netball will grow.”

AMMNA confirmed it was open to and would continue discussions with Netball Australia about formal recognition which is said to have been positive so far.

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