Aussie Coach has high hopes for Leeds Rhinos in 2022

Less than a month since her arrival from Australia, The Netball Post caught up with Tracey Robinson, the new Head Coach of Leeds Rhinos VNSL team, to see how she is preparing for the upcoming season and how she will use her international experiences to get the Rhinos into the top four again.

Recommendations don’t come much higher than Norma Plummer, who suggested Tracey for the role “She said you’d be great [for the club], they’d be good for you. So I thought, why not? Netball is about experiences and what you have outside of the game as well.”

On the formation of the squad, the Head Coach confirmed, “The players were signed prior to my signing. One of the things I did as part of the investigation [of joining] was that I had a look at the games from last year and the players that signed. The thing that put me over the line [for signing] was that I could help in their development. For this team, they are a really young team, and there is an opportunity for them to get even better”.

Tracey will have her first experience of the VNSL at this weekend’s season opener in Birmingham and will face defending champions Loughborough Lightning.

“First of all, we have to respect they are the champions. Last year no one knew who Leeds Rhinos were, but this year they will be expecting the performance from last year. For me, I’m happy to see the players out on the court. It gives you a good guide to where you are at. If we get absolutely smacked by them, we go ok we are a bit off the mark, and we have a lot of hard work to do. If we hang close to them, then we are close to the mark, and we still have work to do. I’m quite comfortable that we are playing them first.”

“I think success is about consistency. You look at the top teams, and they have been successful for long periods of time. That’s what we are trying to build that consistency. We are trying to build a culture of trying to achieve success.” She said.

For the full interview, check out the YouTube video, where Tracey discusses England legend Jade Clarke, her experiences with the Malaysian national team, building netball locally in Yorkshire and her future at the club.

The Vitality Netball Super League is set to begin on Saturday! Watch Robinson’s Leeds Rhinos as they take on Loughborough Lightning on February 6, 2022, live on Sky Sports for UK residents.

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