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ANZ Premiership: Round 9 Recap

Mystics vs Tactix MVP: Phoenix Karaka  It was a scrappy start to the game as the Mystics took on the Tactix at Pulman Arena in Auckland. This game marked two milestones for the Mystics, it was both Grace Nweke and Tayla Earle’s fiftieth game. The Mystics were the […]

ANZ Premiership: Round 8 Recap

Pulse vs Stars MVP: Jamie Hume The Stars and Pulse had only played a few days prior to their round eight clash in Palmerston North. Although not overly confident on the shot early in the game, Maia Wilson built confidence as the connection with her feeders improved. Down […]

ANZ Premiership: Round 6 Recap

Tactix vs Stars MVP: Mila Reuelu-Buchanan Both the Stars and Tactix had been forced to take a couple of weeks off so when they hit the court on Saturday night at Christchurch Arena, they took a while to settle into the game. Tactix goal-keeper, Kelera Nawai-Caucau, was able […]

ANZ Premiership: Round 3 Recap

Mystics vs Pulse MVP: Tayla Earle Round three of the ANZ Premiership got underway at Trusts Arena in Auckland with the Mystics taking on the Pulse. The Mystics attacking was firing. The fast ball speed and height on the feed from Peta Toeava and Claire O’Brien allowed the […]

ANZ Premiership: Round 2 Recap

Pulse vs Mystics MVP: Grace Nweke Round two began with the Pulse taking on the Mystics at Te Rauparaha Arena in Porirua. Both the Mystics and the Pulse had two games this round meaning that player management was going to be a crucial balancing act for both coaches.  […]