Men’s and Mixed Netball

Cadbury Series 2022 – Night 3


On the third night of the 2022 Cadbury Series, NZA were still searching for their first win.

Facing off against the NZ Men, NZA were able to use their speed down the court to carve out an early lead. Elle Temu was able to get her hands to the ball and was out hunting to win back more. Despite promising early signs, with five minutes remaining in the first quarter, an offensive contact turned into a goal for the Men, allowing them to take a 15-12 lead at the break. 

In the second quarter, the Men were able to extend this lead further. Tim Apisai was readily able to get his hand to the ball as well as confuse space in the circle, creating doubt in the mind of the feeders, and the Men’s ability to smother and fill all the space on the court meant that it took much more work for the NZA team to get free.

There were some positive signs however, as Ameliaranne Ekenasion proved able to roll around the top of the circle and present herself to the feeder for the ball, while Tiana Metuarau made use of the baseline drive to become available in the circle.

In the final five minutes of the quarter, the momentum swung to the NZA team, but it was not quite enough as the NZ Men led into halftime, 30-24. 

The third quarter saw Cam Powell entered the game for the Men, and the Goal Attack demonstrated he was able to shoot from distance, adding a further level of confidence to the men’s side. Meanwhile, Nick Grimmer fed with accuracy and did a lot to pick up loose balls.

For the NZA, Kate Burley was a standout. She was able to use her vertical jump to contest the hands of the men and force turnovers.

In the attacking end for the NZ Men’s team, they were able to use triangle plays to catch the defenders on the back foot to great success. The NZ Men’s team pulled away to go into the final quarter leading by sixteen goals, 49-33. 

Off the back of their outstanding third quarter, the Men continued to impress. Winning back ball and scoring off their turnovers in a display of ball speed, accuracy and physicality.

For the NZA, Peta Toeava used her flair and decision-making to feed the shooters with accuracy and confidence, while Elle Temu and Kristiana Manu’a went out hunting to win back possession for their team.

The NZ Men defeated the NZA team, 65-44.

Tim Apisai was named Player of the Match.

Photo: Michael Bradley Photography

Silver Ferns v Mixed Invitational 

It was a tight opening to the game between the Silver Ferns and the Mixed Invitational team.

As the Mixed Invitational team looked to get ahead on the scoreboard, Kelly Jury was able to take a spectacular intercept and keep the score line even, until, halfway through the first quarter, the Ferns were able to score off another gained ball and take a slight advantage. 

The defensive pressure applied by the Silver Ferns meant that their opposition had to show patience to feed their shooters, Grace Namana and Quintin Gerber. Off the back of an error by the Mixed team, the Silver Ferns were able to extend their lead to go into the quarter-time break, 17-13. 

During the second quarter, the Mixed team was able to not only draw level with the Silver Ferns, but take the lead with just over six minutes remaining in the half. The midcourters began to find their tall target, Quintin Gerber, with more ease, and the team demonstrated that their on-court connections are growing and developing as the series has progressed.

However, for every slight error that the Mixed team made, the Silver Ferns were quick to punish them on the scoreboard. The Silver Ferns closed out the quarter strongly, stealing back the lead to lead by five goals. The Silver Ferns went into the second half, 36-31.

In the second half, the two teams kept battling and the margin of victory remained tight. Maia Wilson was able to shoot with confidence from a distance. The attacking trio of Gina Crampton, Maia Wilson and Grace Nweke gelled together to showcase the quick ball speed and the fast scoring abilities of the Silver Ferns. The feeders were able to find Grace Nweke in the circle and weight the passes to her perfectly. Ball handling errors, caused by immense defensive pressure, allowed the Silver Ferns to further build their lead going into the final quarter. The Silver Ferns led at three-quarter time 55-44.  

Whitney Souness impressed in the final quarter, she was able to feed accurately but also worked hard to pick up the loose balls in defence. Kyle Owen was able to use movement in the circle to create opportunities for intercepts, while Maia Wilson played a whole game at goal attack and was able to shoot from the range with accuracy. Kayla Johnson was able to get her hand to ball during her time on the court.

The Silver Ferns defeated the Mixed Invitational team, 68-59.

The Player of the Match was awarded to Maia Wilson.

Photo: Michael Bradley Photography

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