From bullies to scoliosis – Amy Clinton’s story

One of the breakout stars of the Vitality Netball Super League is Celtic Dragons’ shooter Amy Clinton who is living and playing with scoliosis.

Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine with varying degrees and severity and can cause pain to those with the condition.

Clinton is no stranger to battles on the court but admits her health battles off the court can be mentally draining.

“So, I have scoliosis. It is quite bad, it is 50 degrees – it is a severe curve and something I deal with at the moment,” she said.

“That’s another part of why I can struggle with netball sometimes, however, I want to be strong – stay strong – to protect myself.

“It affects me in subtle ways. I find I tend to call for the ball on one side as I feel more comfortable landing that way. I guess doing the strength work to keep up my core and back is key to keep me from breaking.

“The physios have come around me after having six months off. I need to build myself back to where I need to be and make sure I maintain strength.”

Clinton, who has been a dominant option under the post for much of the VNSL for the women in green, is no stranger to overcoming adversity.

Back in primary school, Clinton was dealing with bullies.

Instead of just staying away, she spoke to her primary school teacher who empowered her to play netball.

Alongside her bully no less.

“I started at primary school when I was nine. I was getting bullied and my favourite teacher asked me to play, she said it would help,” she said.

“I asked mum and she said I could only do it if I kept going to school as I didn’t want to go. So I did.

“The girl who was bullying me was on the team and it kind of helped. I joined there, loved it and then joined the Saturday league team.”

Clinton spent time with both Lightning and Thunder and was also an Under 21 England shooter.

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