Suncorp Super Netball

‘I am devastated I can’t be there’

I was asked to write about what this weekend means to me as a self-proclaimed superfan.

Firstly I want to start by saying I’m a New South Wales girl and I’m proud of all the talent which will be on show representing our state this weekend, and yes – GIANTS is the second team that I support!

So to have both sides in the final is just absolutely wonderful, but I am at heart a Swiftie and when your heart just naturally pulls a certain way then that’s how you know you are a Swiftie – first and always.

It’s a complicated feeling leading into this weekend’s game!

Such strong excitement yet I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sadness that I, along with every other fan, cannot attend this potential once-in-a-lifetime final being an all NSW showdown.

We as netball fans know how hard finals are for our teams to make and that’s why I call it a once in a lifetime. 

For myself, I’m honestly devastated it would have meant the world to me to be there in person.

I was not able to go to the 2019 Grand Final that my team played and won due to Swift’s not having the home game rights.

But this year I should have been there! We all in NSW should have been there! 

I’m not only shattered for me and the fans but I’m shattered for the players, staff and all involved.

A game that would have been played in front of 20,000 people including their family and friends hurts.

My heart hurts for the teams.

Whilst right now this feeling is quite in the forefront, the other feeling is pure nerves and excitement.

Wow – for a team no one but us true fans believed in two years ago, who won a premiership, and here we are back again for 2021.  

It’s funny how a team can bring a fan so much joy!

The Swifts are my joy, I get up each day and what is such a driving force and motivation in my life is netball!

This team I have supported from back when I was so young, I can remember the yellow days and my loyalty has never been faulted.

I cried when we lost the back-to-back finals in 2015 and 2016 and while we are at it I may have thrown a pillow or two into the blinds because the emotion was so raw and the reaction was just automatic.

I felt like I was every bit a part of those losses as the players and coaches.

That’s the power of passion and backing a team so much that genuinely the highs and lows are ridden week in week out and in my case I do go a little crazy sometimes and ride every play of the game, but if I wasn’t so passionate about the Swift’s and Netball then I would be worried about where my life was heading because these girls and the team bring me so much joy and true happiness! 

Yep, I’m an adult super fan and I’m here for another Premiership in the red dress!

Let’s go Swifties! 

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