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Looking back on the historic EMMNA Nationals

One for the history books.

Earlier this month, the England Men’s and Mixed Netball Association (EMMNA) came together for its first ever Nationals tournament – showcasing the best of the men’s and mixed scene in the country.

It wasn’t just the first tournament of its like in the country, it was also the first event to have been live-streamed by Sideline TV, a brand new media group working to give netball the coverage it deserves.

Across the two days, half a dozen teams fought it out, with the London Giants walking away with top prize, the first National Title, closely followed by Knights and Titans in second and third respectively.

The entire event was commentated by the Quarter Time Podcast team and assisted by several special guests that ranged from current Men’s players to VNSL names like Pulse’s Lindsay Keeble and Storm’s Frankie Wells.

Sideline TV used the tournament to soft launch its platforms, fixing up teething issues along the way.

Clocks and scoreboard graphics were added upon request from social media, while crashes and technical issues were communicated regularly via live chat within the stream.

Nevertheless, the stream was a hit and people around the world enjoyed the matches.

“We are really happy with how the stream went from Sideline TV’s perspective, especially as it was our first stream. There is an overarching feeling of pride in what we achieved this weekend,” the company told The Netball Post.

“EMMNA put on a brilliant tournament and we are glad to have been a part of that and bringing their first national championships to screens around the world. They, and especially their president Ryan Allen, deserve the recognition for their hard work and we’re happy they’re getting that globally.

“There are some big conversations to be had for Sideline TV but we are very excited about what we have lined up in the near future. We aim to bring the global netball community together and have netball without borders.”

With the whole event remaining on Sideline TV for replay viewing, here’s some of what is worth checking out first:

Knights v Titans

The EMMNA Nationals opened with a sensational first round victory for the Knights- 14-4 over the Titans.

Despite the scoreline, a great atmosphere emerged, with the Titans trying their best to overcome the more experienced and dynamic Knights outfit.

Both teams boasted a fast midcourt, with some strong intercepts and hands flying everywhere from the very start.

For the Knights, captain and vice-captain combined for a defensive combination that did much to blunt the Titans attempts at goal.

As the game wore on, the greater experience of the Knights was made apparent, as a 2-all start blew out thanks to some shaky shooting connections.

Spartans v Norfolk

A formidable Spartans side clashed with an increasingly frustrated Norfolk for a 41-6 win.

With a game plan too fixated on delivering to one tall shooter and lacking the composure required as the game wore on, Norfolk found their attack struggling, and the Spartans were quick to up the pressure and capitalise.

Those 41 goals shot by the Spartans were managed by a shooting circle whose combined age was just 32- a testament to the strong young talent EMMNA has on offer.

Giants v Titans

London’s Giants clashed with the Titans and came out on top with a 26-14 win over their northern rivals.

Giants demonstrated an appetite to improve themselves game after game, creating a great deal of pressure on the Titans defence, who at times struggled to maintain energy and effectively convert off turnovers.

While Titans did not win a quarter in the end, the game was a good demonstration of the importance of player management and rotation.

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