Suncorp Super Netball

Make or break – round 10 to define Suncorp Super Netball season

Well, the last few weeks have been chaotic – to say the least.

From bye rounds to relocations all the way back to cancellations to a Melbourne-pseudo hub, we have just about had it all.

If 2020 was strange in terms of a netballing hub, 2021 has taken the cake.

I used to imagine what it would be like to see a competition halted or a match forfeited – I thought it might be this mystical piece of history, incredible to watch – but now I just want it to stop.

How do Fever bounce back at RAC Arena?

In what seemed an unlikely effort from any of Fever’s seven competitors, the Green Army was finally dealt a losing blow by one of Super Netball’s inform teams – New South Wales Swifts.

A tough, thrilling contest that went to the very last minutes, the Swifts starved off a fast-finishing Fever side to get the chocolates.

So how will they respond?

Backing up off a surprising – but really thrilling match that I was lucky to be at – loss to Melbourne Vixens at John Cain Arena, coach Kylee Bryne will need a lift from her squad to bring down last year’s runners up.

The last time these two sides played was when Fever emphatically thumped the Lightning 69-54.

Before both sides were turfed onto the road in an attempt to keep the season alive.

This game could go either way. A really determined Lightning side who decide they won’t take any prisoners and will inflict another loss to Fever – and really hurt the Fever’s finals hopes.

Or, Fever could hand Lightning another big loss and get a handle on its run toward the top of the ladder?

Make or break weekend

There’s a number of clubs who will need to win to keep finals hopes alive, and some who are hell bent on stopping a free fall.

Ever since the GIANTS’ trip to Western Australia (where they were forced to isolate and were beaten by Fever which was compounded by vile player abuse) the club was only able to win once in the four matches played.

Prior to the Fever game, GIANTS sat atop the ladder undefeated. Now in second, another loss could suddenly see Fever leap frog them and sit just one win outside of the bottom four.

The Magpies will challenge the GIANTS on the weekend and see themselves in a similar predicament.

If they win this clash to force an almighty upset after losing to Thunderbirds, it would put the club one win off the top four after a slow start.

On the other side of the coin, Queensland Firebirds and Adelaide Thunderbirds face off.

Again – a win for either of these clubs and a loss for GIANTS would push either to one win outside of the top four.

The Firebirds finished strong last year. They threaten to do the same this year.

Meanwhile, Thunderbirds are on a hot streak as of late and look to be a serious challenger to the ‘Birdies.

Either way, these two matches could define the rest of the Suncorp Super Netball as it edges ever closer to finals.

Let’s go round 10.

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  1. I have a feeling this round is going to end up with quite a few big games.

    Although, both Swifts and Vixens are coming off wins, I think beating Fever last week is going to give the Swifts *a lot* of confidence and they’re going to want to continue to dominate, so I can’t see them going down to Vixens unless Vixens can show more of the same spirit from last week.

    I totally agree that the Fever and Lightning game could go either way; they’re both coming off loses – and fairly big ones in my opinion, Fever broke their streak, and Lightning lost to the bottom of the table (that had to hurt), so they’re both going to have something to prove. Especially Lightning who I think will be looking to have a better performance than the last time they went up against Fever. But then again, it’s at RAC Arena and I hear Fever fans can get *loud*. Lots of factors to consider and I think this one could end up close.

    I had originally tipped Firebirds to win this but your thoughts had me reconsidering; Thunderbirds have definitely been building into the season while Firebirds have been a bit inconsistent. I still think Firebirds *could* win but whether they will or not will depend on the Firebirds, they’re going to have to really show up if they want to win in front of a T’Birds home crowd.

    As for Giants v Magpies, well I almost want to say that depends on Jo Harten. Increasingly, it seems like the Giants forms depends on how Jo’s playing, when she’s on they look really strong, but if she’s off… well so is everyone else. State pride just has me hoping that Jo’s fired up after that lost last week.

    Let’s go round 10.

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