Mop-Gate – Sue Gaudion calls for SuperMops

It is one of netball’s unlikely storylines from a chaotic 2021 – but commentator and West Coast Fever General Manager Sue Gaudion is calling for court mops.

After watching yet another person kneel to their knees to help clean the court of moisture – a critical role – Ms Gaudion questioned why a mop wasn’t introduced – like those seen at the Olympics.

The Centre Court Show’s Bianca Chatfield and Magpies star Ash Brazill were also left confused as to why court assistants were using towels.

The Netball Post reached out to Ms Gaudion and asked why the court mops couldn’t just be introduced.

“Because we can’t figure out who pays for them!!! Because we would have to change rule 7659843.12,” she said.

“Because who’s going to train them how to use the mops?

“What accreditation level will be required to drive the heavy machinery?”

We’ll keep you updated as mop-gate progresses.

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