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The Netball Post predicts the grand final

What kind of netball website would we be if we didn’t all give our opinions on who we think will win? A terrible one.

So here they are;

Josh: Well, well, well – what a showdown. We have Swfits going into the match fresh off of a bye and heavy favourites, despite the ups and downs of their season that included a locked out Briony Akle.

On the other hand we have the young GIANTS. A team selected and built by Julie Fitzgerald that is statrting to disrupt the entire competition, led by the immovable force of Jo Harten.

I think Swifts are the ultimate form side and may have been somewhat disrupted by the bye. I won’t count them out, but GIANTS just beat the side who won the most matches of anyone in the Fever.

If the GIANTS show up again, they’ll win by two – and I expect a side coached by Fitzgerald to show up.

Tip: GIANTS by 2

Emmy: I think giants will win by 6 because Julie’s vibes are on point this year.

Jasmine: I think that the Swifts will win due to the fact that they have such a versatile team where all ten of their players could be in their starting lineup.

They have the ability to bring on Garbin, for example, who has shown that she can stamp her authority in the goal circle and produce a good volume of shots.

If the shooters are off, Garbin is a great impact player who has changed the game for them on a number of occasions. 

I also can’t go past the form of Klau and Turner. I think Klau has had an incredible year and I think that she will be able to get the job done on Harten. 

I think the Swifts will use Briony Akle’s tough years motivation that will give them that extra push to give them the edge over GIANTS.

Tip: Swifts by 5

Elly H: I would honestly be stoked with a win from either team. I think it will be a very evenly matched game, making for a fantastic grand final.

At the end of the day, it will come down to the accuracy of the goalers. Where Sam Wallace has the hold, Jo Harten has the drive, and after Harten’s performance last weekend, I think Wallace may need to do a bit more than hold for this game.

I think the GIANTS have proved their strength and persistence time and time again.

Tip: GIANTS by 2.

Elly K: I believe this grand final will go down to the wire, possibly extra time. The Swifts and GIANTS have had nail biting encounters in recent seasons. The team that can do the basics wells and put the pressure early will win. 

Tip: Swifts by 1 

Georgia: While I’m not super willing to make a confident tip, I will say the game will be decided within the first quarter. Whoever comes out the more composed and level headed of the two teams will be the ones lifting the trophy at the end of the game.

I’m worried GIANTS played their final last week against Fever, and will struggle to emulate that again this week. If they are able to replicate that performance, I expect them to come home victorious.

The experience of the Swifts and their ability to lift and unite as a whole team has the potential to get them over the line.

The English shooters, Housby and Harten, will be vital for their respective team and I expect whichever of those is able to assert their dominance over the game will be the one to lead their team to victory.

I won’t be surprised if we end up in extra time in order to get a result. 

Tip: Swifts by 2

Junior: They’ve proved in the preliminary final that they can control ball in attack and not just play high risk super shot netball which got them to finals.

The momentum they have after beating Fever and going into the grand final is massive and it’s hard to see the Swifts overcoming that.

Tip: Giants by 2 

Tash: My prediction is that the NSW Swifts will take out the grand final by 3 and it will be in extra time.

Joey: How exciting to have an all-NSW Grand Final.

We’re in for a close game here, with my tip going to the Swifts by a hair. They’ll need to be at the top of their game though, especially if the GIANTS show the sort of pressure they delivered against Fever.

Taking advantage of that faster midcourt to feed reliably to Wallace and Garbin while Klau and the defence shut down those all important Giants super shots. 

Tommy: After the GIANTS handled the pressure against the Fever last week, I think they have all the momentum.

I think Sophie Dwyer got her finals nerves out of the way in the GIANTS first final and will play a pivotal role in deciding the results.

Tip: Giants by 1.

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