The Team

Joshua Wells (GS)
Co-Founder and Editor

Emma Blair (C)
CEO of Netball Socials

Joey Nicita (WD)
Netball Pun Master

Caitlin Neate (GA)
Netty Social Justice Warrior

Georgia Doyle (GA)
Netball Physio

Junior Levi (GS)
NZ Men’s Netball Player and Columnist

Tayla Fraser (C)
NSW Swifts Player, Semi-Pro Dancer and Columnist

Emily Marshall (WA)
England’s Finest Reporter

Abbie Medlicott (GD)
Chair of Jo Weston Fan Club

Tommy Casha (WD)
Hunter Jaegars Hype Man

Jasmine Disselbach (WD)
Netball and all that Jas.

Elly Kirlis (GS)
NFNL Netballer and Crazy Netball Nerd

Tash Rudd (C)
Netballer with Insider Knowledge

Mitchell Byrne (GA)
Silver Ferns #1 Fan

Charlotte Burns (GD)
Co-Founder and Netball Nerd

Elly Hogben (GA)
Netball Player, Umpire and Coach

Fayth Doherty (WA)
New Zealand’s No# 1 Collingwood Magpies Fan